Schedules, prices and history of Lisbon Zoo


Schedules of Lisbon Zoo

    Open everydays
    From 21 of March until 20 of September
    10:00am to 8pm (Last admission 6:45pm).
    From 21 of September until 20 of March
    10am to 6pm (Last admission 5:15pm).

Address: Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado. 1549-004 Lisboa.

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Price of entrances

  • Child (0-2 years) Free.
  • Child (3-12 years) 17,00 euros.
  • Adult (13-64 years) 27,50 euros.
  • Senior (65 years or more) 19,50 euros.
    The Zoo ticket includes ALL Shows and Attractions, except the Zoo Train. That can only be purchased on site.

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History of Lisbon Zoo

Opened in 1884, the Lisbon Zoo was the first park with fauna and flora of the Iberian Peninsula. Several founders – Dr. Pedro Van Der Laan, José Thomaz Sousa Martins and the Baron of Kessler – had the support of several personalities, King D. Fernando II and zoologist José Vicente Barboza do Bocage.
The first facilities were located in the Park of São Sebastião da Pedreira, which was given free of charge by its owners.
Later, the park moved to Palhavã and on May 28, 1905, new and definitive facilities were inaugurated at Quinta das Laranjeiras. On March 12, 1913, the Zoo was declared an Institution of Public Utility.
In 1952, the City Council of Lisbon awarded the Zoo with the Gold Medal of the City.
In this way, specific work areas were created with their own objectives, to improve collection and animal welfare, food and veterinary care.
Contact with the dolphins during the ATL in the Zoo The guided tour of a school. The Zoo is no longer a showcase of animals to take an active role in the protection and conservation of Nature. Improvement of facilities for the animals allowed the increase of the birth rate. The Veterinary Hospital opened in 2008. The Garden is a space where allied to conservation and education is a strong component of entertainment and fun. In this new zoo they inhabit about 2000 animals in a set of approximately 300 species, among mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Source: website of Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa.


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