Raxoi Palace

Raxoi Palace the City Hall

Address: Praza do Obradoiro. 15705 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Espanha.
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Raxoi Palace history

It is located in the Plaza de Obradoiro, just in front of the cathedral, and today it is the headquarters of Santiago and the autonomous government.
Responds completely to the French neoclassical court. Its main facade is structured following a symmetrical scheme arranged through a triangular central front and lateral semicircular fronts that rest on Ionic columns. The central front glimpses the battle of Clavijo and covers the eardrum on the figure of Santiago ‘O Matamouros’, sculpted by José Ferreiro.
The building was the work of an 18th-century French engineer and its construction is in charge of the Archbishop of Compostela Bartolomé Raxoi and Losada. At the beginning of the building it was destined to prison and to the municipality in addition to housing the children of the cathedral choir, the acolytes and the priests.


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